Collection: Virtue Ace Marker + Spire IV Loader | #1 Paintball Gun & Hopper

The Virtue Ace is a collaboration of two legends in the sport of Paintball. We built the Ace around the Luxe X’s high performance firing system but designed all new electronics, so the gun is perfectly integrated with the Spire IV hopper. Live Bluetooth programming allows you to instantly make changes using a mobile device or tablet without needing to turn on the gun. By wirelessly syncing with your Spire IV, the iFI allows your loader and marker to shoot constantly and more reliably than ever before. Key features of the Virtue Ace marker and Spire IV loader include wireless control of settings (with Apple or Android products), sleek chromatic parts, custom body styling, and smart stat game tracking capabilities. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level with the best Paintball products in the industry, make sure to buy a Virtue Ace today.

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